It’s easy with Safe Surfer to install an effective porn blocker for a Chromebook device (or Chrome web browser). Along with protecting your privacy, we also use our own behind-the-scenes technology to block porn and other harmful online content. This guide will efficiently walk you through how to install protection.

First off, we will briefly review the protection options available.

If you are looking to protect a Chromebook device:

  • We recommend that you consider installing our Wi-Fi Lifeguard router instead. Due to the way that Chromebooks have been designed, we cannot install nor enforce system-wide protection. We can only help you place protection within the Chrome web browser. Using a Lifeguard router will provide you with the ability to have control over both YouTube and the Google Play Store, along with the Chrome web browser.

If you are looking to protect a Chrome browser on a non-Chromebook device:

  • We recommend that you consider using one of our system-wide installation methods instead. Protection installed within the Chrome web browser can be turned off, and other built-in web browsers (for example, Microsoft Edge or Samsung Internet) would otherwise not be protected. Click the links below to view our installation guides for AndroidWindows 11, iPhone, iPad, and iPod, and Apple Mac.

Having considered the options, let’s get started.

Step 1: Install protection

Open the Google Chrome web browser and visit the Safe Surfer dashboard. Log in with your Safe Surfer account. On the left-hand sidebar, click the “Devices” menu.

Click the “+ New Device” button. Click “This device”. Click “Chrome”. Enter a name for this device listing, then click the Accept button. Click the “Copy link” button found within the setup instructions. Log out of the Safe Surfer dashboard by clicking the three-dot icon (at the upper-right corner) > Log out.

Click the three-dot icon at the upper-right corner of the browser window. Click the Settings menu. On the left-hand sidebar, click the “Privacy and security” menu. Click the Security menu. Under the section labelled “Advanced”, ensure that the switch for “Use secure DNS” is enabled. Click the button next to “With [Custom]”. Right-click the text field and select the Paste option. Click outside the text box and close the Settings tab.



Verify the protection installation by visiting This is a safe website designated for testing if pornographic websites are being blocked. This site should be blocked.



Protection complete

Great work! This web browser is now protected. To start monitoring protected devices, visit our easy-to-use online dashboard.

If you have any other Chrome web browsers you would like to protect, simply start again from the top of the guide. If you would like to protect a different kind of device, visit our Guides page.

Disclaimer: Safe Surfer Limited is in no way associated with Google LLC.