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Protect Young Eyes

Chris McKenna, the Founder and CEO of Protect Young Eyes, is a force.

With never-ending energy when it comes to fighting for the safety and protection of children, his advocacy has birthed industry-shifting online protection legislation in the US and has sparked a global movement.

“This Safe Surfer x Samsung Kid-Safe Smartphone is the entire spirit of #delayistheway — it’s not NO tech, it’s SLOW tech. This phones lets parents decide what their kids are ready for, with no loopholes.”

Introducing Kid-Safe Phone

Out of the box, the Kid-Safe Phone is a stripped-down device which lets you choose how much functionality you want your child to have.

No social media

No internet

No app stores

No addictive games

Learn more about the smartphone recommended by Chris McKenna, the Founder and CEO of Protect Young Eyes. Or get it now.

Protect my Wi-Fi

Order a Safe Surfer Lifeguard Router!

Safe Surfer's own router works on any Internet Provider to make your home Wi-Fi a safe browsing zone.

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Order Now
Graphic showing a Safe Surfer Lifeguard router plugged into the internet inside a home, with devices connected.

AND protect devices on-the-go

The Protect Young Eyes bundled deal is a discounted offer that gives you protection that works everywhere - at home, at school, and on-the-go. Downloading the Safe Surfer app is a super simple way to protect your devices.

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