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"Safe Surfer offers world-class protection for devices connected to your Wi-Fi (and also mobiles & laptops on the go) with all the monitoring and reporting seamlessly managed from a single dashboard"

- Rob Cope, Founder

Protect my Wi-Fi

Order a Safe Surfer Lifeguard Router!

Safe Surfer's own router works on any Internet Provider to make your home Wi-Fi a safe browsing zone.

Use code OURKIDSONLINE at checkout for 10% off.

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Graphic showing a Safe Surfer Lifeguard router plugged into the internet inside a home, with devices connected.

AND protect devices on-the-go

The Our Kids Online bundled deal is a discounted offer that gives you protection that works everywhere - at home, at school, and on-the-go. Downloading the Safe Surfer app is a super simple way to protect your devices.

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