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Take the lead

Protect your community, propel your profits

Add internet filtering to your ISP/MSP with Safe Surfer.

World class parental control

No impact on internet speed

Flexible, cloud-native deployments with kubernetes + helm

Integrations with major router vendors

People in businesses send messages to each other happily


Safe Surfer sets you apart from competitors – giving you both a technological and corporate responsibility advantage.

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Do Good

No one wants to see people hurt online. Especially not vulnerable members of society like children. Safe Surfer supports your brand and corporate responsibility objectives by providing the best tools for a safer internet experience.

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Offer your customers the best internet safety service. Safe Surfer filters or blocks 50+ platforms and categories at both a network and device level. Continual machine learning automatically categorises new web domains providing instant protection.

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Diversify Revenue

Gain additional revenue from existing customers through the tiered, subscription-based Safe Surfer offering. Attract new customers to your service through innovative new services as bundle offers or value-add opt-ins.

Best in class tech

By hosting Safe Surfer's advanced DNS filtering solution, you can:

Provide per-household or even per-client device filtering with our router integrations.

Have a modern dashboard that allows remote control of a user's home network.

Be up in hours and update seamlessly with the Safe Surfer Helm chart for Kubernetes. Grafana dashboards included.

Leverage Safe Surfer's experience in router development and management, website classification, and DNS filtering.

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