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Protect your community, propel your profits

Online safety platform for parents and businesses

Increase your average revenue per customer

Meet your obligations for online protection

Differentiate from your competitors

People in businesses send messages to each other happily

You have an opportunity to protect from online harm

1 in 2 kids are exposed to explicit content, porn, online grooming, stalking, self-harm or images of suicide. Protect them when they can’t protect themselves.

Safe Surfer sets you apart from competitors – get both a technological and corporate responsibility advantage.

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Duty of care

Be a responsible network provider for the networks you manage.

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Safe Surfer filters or blocks 50+ platforms and categories at both a network and device level. Continual machine learning automatically categorises new web domains providing instant protection.

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Diversify Revenue

Attract new customers to your service through innovative new services as bundle offers or value-add opt-ins.

"I'm a busy mum working in digital marketing. During the Covid lockdowns my kids online exploration worried me, but now with Safe Surfer I know my kids are safe and I have peace of mind."
- Lou, mother of two kids, aged 10 and 5.

Duty of care

Protect against large threats.

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Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)

Automatically detect, block and report websites containing CSAM.

  • Crawls all new public facing websites and scans all images for hash matches using PhotoDNA with other global authorities.
  • Constantly updated block list contains URLs of all live and known CSAM content.
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Terrorist content

Stop radicalisation happening on your network

  • Detect, block and report all new terrorist websites using AI.
  • Constantly updated block list contains URLs of all live and known terrorist content.
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Overall Online Safety

Up the game with protection against phishing and malware, online grooming, social media, porn and other threats.

As an Internet Service Provider be alerted to serious incidents daily or weekly and anonymously view traffic coming through your network.

Beautiful customer experience

Safe Surfer makes you more than just an ISP. Delight customers with a clean, safe browsing experience with insights into their family's internet habits.

Custom on-boarding journey

Beautiful customer experience aligned to your brand. Increase the lifetime and average revenue of a customer.

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Custom branding

Safe Surfer supports your brand and corporate responsibility objectives by providing the best tools for a safer internet experience.

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Custom billing

Gain additional revenue from existing customers through the tiered, subscription-based Safe Surfer offering.

Case Study

Building The Good Source

New Zealand's first family-friendly ISP integrates Safe Surfer to provide a world-class parental control experience.

  • Safe Search on Google
  • Block adult content and pornography
  • 50+ other toggleable categories
  • Email alerts for blocked content
  • Full browsing history

Key features

Features Safe Surfer Other ISP Solutions
User Experience
Old limited technology
Blocked categories, sites and platforms
10-15 static categories and platforms
Detection of new sites
None - static blacklists
Update frequency
Real-time (for users and website classifications)
Hourly interval for domains, real-time for users (some)
No reporting
No alerts
On-router controls with internet blocking only and poor UX
On-the-go filtering
iOS, Android, macOS, Windows 11
No support
Social media monitoring
No social media monitoring
Instant deployment
Specific requirements and deep integration
More features

Cloud-native tech

Easily deploy to any cloud platform with the power of Kubernetes + Helm.

Simple. Define deployments from one well-commented file.

Deploy yourself or get a managed instance.

DNS servers can live inside your network or in the cloud.

Portable. Run anywhere from your PC, to the Cloud, to your own infrastructure.

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