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The internet is more addictive than ever

Protect yourself from destructive digital behavior.

Easy and customisable, Safe Surfer gives you the tools to manage:

Excessive social media use

Viewing of pornography and other detrimental online content

Addictive digital behaviours such as gambling, gaming and excessive screen time

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iPhone showing Safe Surfer block sites user interface, with toggles for Social Media, Clubhouse, Discord, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat, TikTok, Tumblr, and Twitter
iPhone showing Safe Surfer internet history user interface, with recent activity for Computers and Electronics, Business and Industrial, General, APIs, CDNs, Search engines, News, and Webmail

Three simple steps to safety

  • Download the Safe Surfer app
  • Signup to Pro Surfer
  • Pick your filters

You can also set up an account for a support person who will receive reports on your internet activity, including if you've tried to access anything on your blocked categories.

Available On:

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Screenshot of an Android phone with the Safe Surfer app, showing the block sites menu

You don't have to go it alone

You’ve taken the first step, but there’s no need to continue on your own. The digital world has a powerful pull and we all need help sometimes. Your real life support people and Safe Surfer have your back.

You can set up our filters yourself and manage your own digital behaviour, or ask your support person to set them up for you.

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What people are saying

Emily K

This app works perfectly. Yes I'm sure I do have a porn addiction. This helped me a lot. I can't say "Thank You" to the creators enough.

Anthuan D

It's so important to overcome the addiction

Jojo C

Now prevents private vpn to get around it. Gain control of your life with this app

Safe Surfer pricing

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Unlimited devices.
All Pro Surfer features.
25% off.

Got more questions? Click the link to our FAQS below, or hit the chat bubble to talk to an expert.

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