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The world wide web doesn’t come with a warning label

Kids are exposed to risks, like inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and online predators every day.
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1 in 4

kids see pornography by the age of 12.

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of young people in the USA between the ages of 12 and 17 have been bullied online.

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Nearly half of children between 9 and 16 experience regular exposure to sexual images online.

Safe Surfer is here to help you manage the risks you and your family face every day.

Fight porn and other internet nasties

Block harmful content

Tech that works for you

Get it, set it and have confidence
in your internet safety.

No tech skills required.

All features
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Complete customized protection for mobile and home devices.

Get the Safe Surfer app for on-the-go protection wherever they are, or install on a router for network-wide protection of your home, business, or school.

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What parents are saying

David Atkinson
David Atkinson

You don’t need to be a tech whizz to use Safe Surfer and you’ll get reports back from them on device activity – which gives you the perfect platform to start talking about what’s being watched.

Jessica Blake
Jessica Blake
Digital Team Lead, WAVE Creative Communications

As a parent, monitoring the online safety for our children can feel overwhelming. But we must. I am very thankful for Safe Surfer who have developed world leading tech in this space, which is as simple as downloading an app.

Anjie Webster
Anjie Webster

It’s fantastic to have homegrown products designed to support the safety of tamariki and families online. Safe Surfer are committed to this remit, and I’m delighted to promote their mahi.

Ellie Gwilliam
Ellie Gwilliam
Presenter + Content Editor, Parenting Place

Great products and service, knowledgeable staff who gave us excellent advice on keeping our kids safe online.

Christy Herselman
Christy Herselman
The Chat, South Africa

Ensuring your whole family’s devices are protected by monitoring and filtering software is a crucial first step in making sure your child is safe online. Safe Surfer is our recommended service provider.

Campbell McChesney
Campbell McChesney

Best internet filter available. A well done thought through solution that's easy to use. A must for any family.

Sophia Meichtry
Sophia Meichtry

I love that if my tech savvy kids manage to unlock my phone they're protected by this very smart app, enjoying all the new features they've rolled out recently too. We use the safe surfer wifi filter device which gives that another layer of protection.

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Be your kid's safety net

Safe Surfer publishes online safety resources. Keeping Safe on the Web with ‘Kyle the Kingfish’ is an online safety kids book! Kyle the Kingfish takes kids through a safe journey—tackling common online issues such as screen time, bullying, being kind online, identity protection, and pornography. You can get a copy of the book on our official shop. Contains 20 beautifully illustrated pages.

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Front cover of the Kyle the Kingfish book