Friendly WiFi, which launched in July 2014, was developed by the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) with government support and is administered by the trade organisation RDI. The certification, designated by the official ‘Friendly WiFi’ symbol, verifies that Safe Surfer’s web filter solutions block known pornography and child abuse websites using recognised filters for WiFi deployments, and they are now an official Approved Provider.

Safe Surfer can now display the third-party designation as additional assurance that Safe Surfer is committed to enabling safe WiFi experiences for children and families where its filtering technology is relied upon over WiFi.

“We are delighted to welcome on board Safe Surfer, an innovative tech company that specialises in providing industry leading threat protection and content filtering, who are dedicated to providing the solutions to support keeping the internet safe,” said Beverley Smith, Director at RDI. “Working with Safe Surfer will help to increase the reach of the Friendly WiFi certification over public WiFi in New Zealand by working closely together to promote Friendly WiFi to their customers. Having Safe Surfer as an Approved Provider is great news for the RDI. Both companies are committed to providing a reputable and robust solution for keeping children and young people safe online.”

Safe Surfer CEO Rory Birkbeck is pleased to become a Friendly WiFi Approved Provider and is looking forward to this initiative becoming established in New Zealand. “We are working hard to raise the bar on internet safety for young people and would love to see our local airports, shopping malls, cinemas and restaurants embrace Friendly WiFi. By displaying this symbol in New Zealand, Kiwi families can be rest assured Safe Surfer’s filtering technology will prevent them from seeing anything untoward while they surf the internet.”

About Safe Surfer

Safe Surfer is an innovative platform that protects kids from harmful content like graphic violence, malware, illegal sites and pornography. Using smart technology, Safe Surfer provides a complete solution for customisable protection over WiFi networks for business, mobile and home devices. More than just a content blocker, Safe Surfer helps to facilitate meaningful conversations within families and educate the next generation of digital citizens. Safe Surfer’s user-friendly features include browsing history, custom alerts, screentime management, nudity detection and social media monitoring. Launched in 2016 by a group of parents and tech experts who could not find a tool that offered the level of protection they were looking for; the company is focused on protecting young people from the many risks they can face online.

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About Friendly WiFi

Friendly WiFi – providing a certification standard for Public WiFi networks, to identify public places in areas such as Transport, Retail, Hospitality, Leisure and Education, who are providing safe filtered WiFi. Initiated by the UK Government with support from the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) and managed by the RDI trade organisation, the certification means that children, parents and guardians can look for the Friendly WiFi symbol to be sure that the public WiFi network is tested and verified on an annual basis to make sure pornographic and child abuse websites are blocked.

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