It’s easy with Safe Surfer to install an effective porn blocker on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod device. Along with protecting your privacy, we also use our own behind-the-scenes technology to block porn and other harmful online content. This guide will efficiently walk you through how to install protection.

Step 1: Download the Safe Surfer app

Unlock the Apple device you would like to protect, then tap the App Store app.

After opening the App Store, tap the Search menu on the bottom bar. Tap the search bar at the top, type “safe surfer”, then tap the search button on the keyboard. Our app listing will appear at the top of the search results. Tap the Get (or cloud download) button.

Step 2: Open the Safe Surfer app

Once the Safe Surfer app has finished downloading, it will appear on the home screen. If multiple home pages are present, you can browse them by swiping horizontally. Tap the Safe Surfer app to open it.

Step 3: Install protection


Once you have opened the app, tap the Allow button. Acknowledge the presented information by tapping the “I agree” checkbox. Tap the “Get started” button. Sign in with your Safe Surfer account (as a parent or an accountability partner), then tap the right-arrow button. If you don’t have an account, you can easily make one by entering your email and creating a password. Set a PIN code for the app, then tap the right-arrow button.


The next time you open the Safe Surfer app, it will be protected by the PIN you previously set.

Tap the “Get protected” button. Tap the Allow button. Enter the passcode of the device (that is, the one used to unlock it) to install the protection system.

This device is now protected, but there’s still a little more we need to do for the best experience.

Tap the three-bar icon at the upper-left corner. Tap the “Blocked sites” menu. Scroll through the list of categories to select for blocking on this device. A category is blocked if the switch next to it is coloured red (as opposed to a grey switch, signifying a category that is not blocked). If you would like to read details regarding what kind of content falls under a category, tap the three-dots menu at the upper-right corner, then tap “Show descriptions”. Once you have finished selecting categories, tap the Save button.

Step 4: Finalise protection

Prevent uninstallation

Go to the device’s home screen and tap the Settings app. Tap the Screen Time menu. Tap the Continue button, then tap the option labelled “This is My Child’s iPhone”. Tap the Not Now option for the Downtime feature. Tap the Not Now option for the App Limits feature. Tap the Continue button.

Enter a passcode, but make sure to not use the passcode that unlocks the device. The passcode you use can be the same as the PIN you previously set for the Safe Surfer app. If you decide to use an Apple ID account for the Screen Time passcode recovery feature, it must be unrelated to any Apple ID currently signed in to this device. Otherwise, tap the Cancel option and then the Skip button.

If you skip adding an Apple ID account for passcode recovery, the setup process could be cancelled and you might need to tap the option labelled “Use Screen Time Passcode” on the Screen Time menu. Set a passcode (just as before). Tap the Cancel option, then tap the Skip button.

On the Screen Time menu, tap the Content & Privacy Restrictions submenu. Enable the Content & Privacy Restrictions switch, then enter the restrictions passcode you previously set. Tap the iTunes and App Store Purchases submenu. Under the Store Purchases & Redownloads section, tap the Deleting Apps submenu. Tap the Don’t Allow option.

Navigate back twice to go to the Content & Privacy Restrictions submenu. Tap the Content Restrictions submenu. Set the options within the lower submenus to your preference. We recommend setting at least the following:

Allowed store content

  • Set Movies to the M option (that is, PG-13 or the equivalent for your region).
  • Set TV Shows to the M option (that is, PG-13 or the equivalent for your region).
  • Set Books to the Clean option

If Music, Podcasts, News, and Workouts is set to the Clean option, this could block some appropriate web results (that contain explicit keywords) in Safari. If Apps is set to the 12+ option, this could prevent access to certain commonly used apps (such as all web browsers other than Safari).

Web content

  • Set Web Content to the Limit Adult Websites option (this works as a fallback protection for the Safari web browser).


  • Set Web Search Content to the Don’t Allow option.
  • Set Explicit Language to the Don’t Allow option.

Go back to the Screen Time menu. You can now safely close the Settings app.

Verify the protection installation by visiting inside a web browser. This is a safe website designated for testing if pornographic websites are being blocked. This site should be blocked.

Protection complete

Great work! This device is now protected. To start monitoring protected devices, visit our easy-to-use online dashboard.

If you have any other iPhone, iPad, or iPod devices you would like to protect, simply start again from the top of the guide. If you would like to protect a different kind of device, visit our Guides page.

Disclaimer: Safe Surfer Limited is in no way associated with Apple Inc.