It’s easy with Safe Surfer to install an effective porn blocker for Starlink. Along with protecting your privacy, we also use our own behind-the-scenes technology to block porn and other harmful online content. This guide will efficiently walk you through how to install protection.

As of 2024, Starlink provide only a limited selection of built-in parental controls. Don’t worry—that’s where we come in! Safe Surfer enables you to block porn on your network.

Pro tip: Starlink unfortunately don’t provide what’s called a “static IP address”, which we require if you would like to install custom block settings, such as blocking apps and specific categories of websites. Check out our protection apps! These install protection directly on a smartphone or a computer, and are a great way to block porn and other apps, set screen time rules, and monitor the online activity of your loved ones. Otherwise, let’s get started.

Step 1: Install DNS

Open the Starlink app on your smartphone, then tap the Settings menu.

Tap the Custom DNS menu.

Tap the switch found next to Enable Custom DNS.

Copy and paste the following addresses into their respective fields:

  1. For Primary, use
  2. For Backup (box 1), use
  3. For Backup (box 2), use 2600:1900:4000:524c:8000:1::
  4. For Backup (box 3), use 2600:1900:4030:6b9d:8000::

Tap the Save button.

You might need to restart your Starlink router for the changes to take effect immediately.

Verify the protection installation by visiting inside a web browser. This is a safe website designated for testing if pornographic websites are being blocked. This site should be blocked.

Protection complete

Great work! The devices connected to your Starlink router should now be protected. Visit our easy-to-use online dashboard to start monitoring traffic and blocking content from our premium categories with an affordable Pro Surfer subscription.

If you would like to protect a different kind of device, visit our Guides page.

Disclaimer: Safe Surfer Limited is in no way associated with Space Exploration Technologies Corp.