We all know we’re only one misjudged Google search, or an accidental banner click, away from being exposed to something we didn’t intend on finding. And, short of peering over your offspring’s shoulder every web-surfing second, there are a few simple “go-to” tips from the team at Safe Surfer to help ensure your kids don’t stumble into untoward content.

1. Talk to your kids

This one’s a no-brainer and kids aren’t silly. Well… they can be “haha, you said ‘fart’”-type silly at times, but they pick up on things pretty quickly and a little bit of positive re-enforcement can go a long way. It can start with a simple “Thank you missy for turning off the TV all by yourself” right through to a serious discussion about when to tell Mum or Dad they’ve seen something strange.

2. Utilise Safe Surfer!

Let’s get the blatant self-plug out of the way already. Here at Safe Surfer, we’re genuinely passionate about ensuring the safe browsing of our children. We are all parents looking to help others become aware of the dangers and let “kids be kids” but, as children’s sense of curiosity is far more developed and their sense of caution far less mature, we need to be vigilant about what “world” they are exposed to at such an impressionable age. Safe Surfer is a donation-based service, allowing you to determine what value you put on safe surfing.  For information on how you can utilise Safe Surfer’s service, check out these options.

3. Wifi-free hours

One of the main motivators behind children’s online habits is seeing their parents habits online. As parents, I think we can all agree that children learn how to behave (socially and emotionally) by imitating the behaviour of those closest to them. “Monkey see, monkey do” rings just as true for screen times as it does any other behaviour. Limiting your own screen time sets a great example and shows children there is more to leisure activities than scrolling a screen with your forefinger. A certain Safe Surfer team member ensures all smartphones are put away out of sight (in a bedroom drawer in this case) until after both daughters are in bed asleep.