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A global problem

Having a phone in your pocket means you can connect to the world wide web from anywhere in seconds.

This is extremely beneficial when connecting with friends and family, getting directions, or accessing information instantly. But with harmful and addictive content just as easy to access, it can be problematic.

From pornography, phishing, malware and scams to cyberbullying, internet addiction and social media overuse – Safe Surfer is here to help you manage the risks you and your family face every day.

Porn can be harmful to kids and adults

Pornography can be highly addictive and destructive. It is one of the biggest social issues on the internet and can lead to a greater risk of depression, detachment and unhealthy relationships.
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of children exposed to porn develop an addiction.

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13 Yrs

is the average age that a child is exposed to pornography.

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of males are exposed by 14-18. (57% of females).

Safe Surfer can block porn sites on the devices you choose and alert you to types of online activity that could be concerning.

Cyberbullying is a problem kids can't escape

Kids are no longer safe from bullying once they get home. Bullying can now happen at any time of the day or night - often without parents knowing.

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of young people in the USA between the ages of 12 and 17 have been bullied online.

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1 in 10

teen victims will inform a parent or trusted adult about their abuse.

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of 11-16-year-olds in the UK report being cyberbullied every day.

Safe Surfer can help monitor social media activity with instant notifications for swear words, drugs, sexting, self-harm and your own keywords (if you choose).

The internet is addictive

A message, comment or a like on social media prompts our brains to release feel-good chemicals which trigger our internal reward system. But this can become addictive.

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of teens and 26% of adults wake up to check their mobile devices at least once during the night.

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of smartphone owners have experienced a mild state of panic after misplacing their phones.

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4-6 hrs

The average amount of time kids aged 8-12 spend watching or using screens in the USA, with teens spending up to 9 hours.

Safe Surfer can help you and your family manage screentime with customisable restrictions for every device.

Social media isn’t always social

Social media is a great way to stay connected with friends and family. But it also comes with risks to our mental and physical health.

Someone takes a picture of a scene to share on social media.

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Social media algorithms are designed to hold our attention as long as possible, leading to addiction.

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Social media is dangerous for the mental health of young girls, according to companies own reports.

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Social media often allows interacting with strangers, which can lead to grooming or bullying.

Safe Surfer can help monitor social media activity, manage screentime and block specific sites on certain devices.

Phishing, malware & scams are a real threat

Smart criminals are constantly finding new ways to trick you into sharing personal information, scam you out of money, load ads where they shouldn’t be or lock you out of your device and demand ransom.

Sharks circle a fish to represent bad actors on the internet.
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$323 million

The amount of money lost due to reported scams in Australia in 2021.

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The increase in reported cybersecurity incidents in New Zealand in 2020 compared to the previous year.

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Reports of scams in Australia in 2021.

Safe Surfer can reduce the risk of being targeted by blocking dangerous websites.